Best time to brush: before or after breakfast?

Have you ever wondered when to brush your teeth in the morning? Some patients might think there is no point in brushing if they are about to eat breakfast and “dirty” their mouth again. While others want to get rid of their morning breath immediately!

Our body naturally keeps the pH levels in our mouths at a balanced level. When we eat and drink, particularly acidic foods and beverages, the pH levels reduce below normal and the bacteria in our mouths will produce acids. These bacterial acids start causing damage to our teeth by softening the enamel layer. The longer the bacteria stays on the enamel surface, the more likely a cavity will form.

The most common acidic beverages in the morning are orange juice and coffee. Many hate the taste of toothpaste and OJ together but consider the risk of brushing after drinking a tall glass. Common breakfast items are carbohydrate heavy and bacteria love to feed on those “sugars.” Studies show that after 30 minutes of eating or drinking, our saliva will naturally bring the pH levels back to normal.

There’s no right or wrong time to brush. The important step is making sure we’re removing plaque on a daily basis. Remember these tips below to help protect your teeth against erosion and keep your mouth happy!

1. Wait approximately 30-60 minutes after eating and drinking to brush your teeth.

2. Drink alkaline water to help bring pH levels back to normal after eating carbohydrate heavy foods or drinking acidic beverages.

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