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man chewing at his finger nails
3 Habits That Are Bad For Your Teeth
Anyone who has been around babies and toddlers knows that tiny humans use their mouths to learn about their surroundings. For the most part, using our mouths to explore is something that we grow out of, but in some cases oral bad habits and compulsions continue into later childhood or develop in adulthood, which can Read more...
Before and After Whitening
Make the Most Of Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is a fantastic investment in the appearance of your smile.  At Cleveland Smile Center, we use GLO Science Whitening. White teeth are associated with youth and health, and can make a big difference in your self-esteem. If you’re going to put time and money into getting whiter teeth, make sure you make the Read more...
Man with Chipped Front Tooth
What Should You Do if You Chip a Tooth?
If you chip or break a tooth, whether from a fall or a sports injury, you may be worried that your smile will never look right again. But rest assured that your dentist knows how to make sure your smile will look natural again. Even though teeth are made of the hardest substance in your Read more...
Woman Sleeping Peacefully
What does Sleep Apnea have to do with Dentistry?
Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health. There are many things that can prevent you from getting the high-quality sleep that will leave you feeling refreshed in the morning and support good dental health. People who experience sleep apnea often don’t get quality sleep and Read more...
Why Should You Getting a Filling if Your Cavity Doesn’t Hurt?
You may be wondering why it’s necessary to get a cavity filled if it isn’t causing you pain. Even if a cavity doesn’t hurt, it can cause further damage to your teeth if left untreated. Dental fillings help prevent that future damage, as well as the discomfort it could bring! What Are Cavities? A cavity Read more...
Scaling and Root Planing
What Do Healthy Gums Look Like?
You might have heard the dentist say to brush your teeth twice a day. However,  did you know that cleaning your gums should be included in the task? And, it is just as important as brushing your teeth. Good periodontal care and health is important for good dental health. Researchers have linked gum disease with Read more...
Brush Your Teeth - Family
How To Brush Your Teeth: A Refresher
What Is the Right Way to Brush to Your Teeth? You have been brushing your teeth for your almost your entire life (and we hope flossing, too).  But when you step up to the sink, are you really brushing your teeth properly and are you getting your teeth as clean as they can be? It Read more...
Dentist performing root canal with a dental assistant
The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

The American Association of Endodontists tracks medical cases in the U.S. According to their reports, over a million root canals are performed by dentists every year. Based on these statistics, there is no reason to fear a root canal. If you still have doubts, continue reading and learn all about the procedure. What Is a Read more…