Oral Surgery

Cleveland Smile Center offers oral surgery procedures including dental implants, extractions, wisdom teeth removal, bone grafts, and sinus lifts. Our doctors our highly trained to provide world-class care to make your experience as painless and easy as possible.

Our promise to you:

  • We will always consider your comfort first and foremost
  • We will discuss your unique situation specifically to determine the best treatment
  • We will provide the safest, least invasive care possible

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Oral Surgery Team in Protective Wear

Dental Implants

In our offices, dental implants procedures use the most advanced system for the replacement of missing teeth. While conventional bridges and dentures are effective ways to replace missing teeth, dental implants come the closest to giving you the look, function and feel of a natural smile.

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Single Dental Implant Diagram


While we focus on helping you maintain your teeth for a lifetime, sometimes the need for tooth removal may be unavoidable. This happens when teeth are severely broken or decayed, very crowded, or there are extra teeth present. Not to worry, we offer many wonderful tooth replacement options to help our patients reclaim their complete smiles after having a tooth extracted.

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Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If your wisdom teeth are impacted or have the potential to crowd your teeth, you’ll likely need to have them removed sooner than later.

Not only can wisdom teeth cause tender gums, swelling and pain, but partially or fully erupted wisdom teeth are difficult to clean—and that could lead to other oral health problems such as tooth decay, infections and gum disease.

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Wisdom Teeth X-Ray

Bone Grafts

A bone graft is a safe and effective treatment to provide support for dental implants, dentures, and partials.

When teeth are lost, the jawbone wears away and is resorbed to a thin shelf. This bone loss often results in a condition in which there is not enough bone suitable treatment any other than dentures and partials.

In order to gain back the strong foundation that is lost or fill in a socket after a tooth extraction, Cleveland Smile Center can provide a bone graft. This procedure will help your jawbone stay strong throughout the rest of your life and support your titanium dental implants.

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Bone Graft Material Illustration

Sinus Lifts

​When your upper jaw does not have enough space to place a dental implant, there is a solution!

At Cleveland Smile Center, we offer sinus lifts for our patients who want dental implants but don’t currently have enough bone to support them.

This life changing procedure can be completed in just one visit and gives our patients results that they never thought possible.

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Sinus Lift Before and After

Tongue Tie and Lip Tie

Have you or your child been having dental issues that might require a frenectomy? Although the name might seem a bit daunting, a frenectomy is a simple surgical procedure that can fix or alleviate other dental issues.

The process involves the removal or modification of a small fold of tissue call the frenum. That is a band of connective tissue at either the top or the bottom of the mouth, specifically under the tongue or the upper gums.

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Tongue Tie and Lip Tie