We make affordable, beautiful dentures.

We truly enjoy creating dentures. Dentures can change a person’s life…and give them back a feeling of security and normalcy. We have traditional dentures and flexible partial dentures.

Dentures are necessary for tooth replacement when somebody has already lost their teeth or plan on needing their remaining teeth removed. When you’re in the situation that you lose all of your teeth, you yearn to have something comfortable, functional, affordable and good-looking, so that you have confidence in your smile again.

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Want more stability?

Dentures can be supported and retained in place by dental implants. Ask us about Snap-On Implant Dentures and Full Arch (All-On-4) Implants for more permanent, amazing solutions to replace your missing teeth.

The gold standard in tooth replacement is to anchor teeth using dental implants. They feel and function just like your own teeth. However, we understand that budget can be a major deciding factor when determining how to resolve missing teeth.

Denture Smile Design at Cleveland Smile Center

Making dentures is a team effort between the patient and dentist. We will take time to consult the patient to determine a proper smile design. In this process we customize your denture to the smile that best fits you including:

  • ​teeth size
  • teeth color
  • teeth position
  • gum color

​These options are fully customizable and included with the cost of your affordable denture. Your new dentures will look natural and flawless!

People with Dentures

Service Pricing

Service Pricing

Upper & Lower Conventional Denture Costs


What is the Process for Getting Dentures?

The process for getting your custom dentures takes place over several weeks and visits to one of our convenient office locations near you, in Cuyahoga Falls, Aurora, Bedford / Oakwood and Westlake, Ohio.

Our best dentists will get to know you, your lifestyle, and what you need from your denture experience. You will be walked through your options so you can decide what is best for your unique situation.

Once you have decided on the denture option that is best for you, we will take the following steps, which will allow us to craft a beautiful, custom set of dentures designed to maintain the appeal and integrity of your natural teeth and facial structure:

  1. We will take impressions to determine the exact shape of your jaws and gums.
  2. Doctor will then take measurements to ensure the upper jaw and lower jaw can properly fit together
  3. Models of the shape and position of your future dentures are constructed so that you can try them out before the permanent ones are created.
  4. Your final dentures are made and our expert dentists fit them into your mouth. Adjustments are made as necessary.
Set of Dentures