Bone Grafts

A bone graft is a safe and effective treatment to provide support for dental implants.

When teeth are lost, the jawbone wears away and is resorbed to a thin shelf. This bone loss often results in a condition in which there is not enough bone suitable treatment any other than dentures and partials.

In order to gain back the strong foundation that is lost or fill in a socket after a tooth extraction, Cleveland Smile Center can provide a bone graft. This procedure will help your jawbone stay strong throughout the rest of your life and support your titanium dental implants.

What is bone grafting?

With today’s technology we are able to harvest cadaver bone from a ‘bone bank’ in order to replace the missing bone and reinforce the natural of your jaw. This bone graft material also reduces the chance of infection during dental surgery.

After the initial graft procedure, it may take several months for the grafted bone to grow strong enough to support future dental work such as placement of a dental implant.

Once the jawbone does heal, the dental implant process moves forward in order to replace your missing teeth