Tooth Extractions

While we focus on helping you maintain your teeth for a lifetime, sometimes certain teeth need to be removed. Extra teeth or very crowded teeth present situations that may mean treatment involving removal of one or more teeth.

In some cases, severely decayed or cracked teeth, or those missing large amounts of supporting bone leave extraction as the only viable option.

Rest easy knowing that your comfort and your smile always come first!​

Cleveland Smile Center provides several options for replacing missing teeth.

Signs You Might Need a Tooth Extraction

A patient can need a tooth extraction for a variety of reasons and can experience several different symptoms before they decide to finally reach out to us. It can often lead to an emergency tooth extraction. By the time someone requires this treatment, it’s important to act fast, to preserve remaining natural teeth and prevent the issue from spreading. Here are some problems that may need to be treated with a tooth extraction:

  • severe toothache
  • tooth is visibly damaged or decayed, and a filling won’t be able to repair it
  • tooth infection and a root canal wasn’t able to cure it
  • impacted teeth that won’t be able to healthily grow in.
  • gum disease, and as a result, a tooth is loose.

At the first sign or indication of any of these issues, it’s important to contact one of our offices right away. We’ll provide you with a thorough examination to learn what issues you’re battling with and determine whether an extraction is the best course of action.