Orthodontic Services

At Cleveland Smile Center we customize our orthodontic treatment so that that each patient can achieve the beautiful, straight smile they desire. Time, comfort, and appearance are the three main factors we consider when determining which type of treatment is best for YOU! Our most common orthodontic treatment options include:

It is not that one works better than the other, they simply work differently.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we can take a digital scan of your mouth. This means no more messy impression material that can make you gag.

This approach also allows us to create virtual models to plan and monitor your treatment. We will also record 3D Cone Beam X-Rays of your jaw and skeletal structure to achieve the most accurate results.

For kids, we recommend examining patients as early as age eight and in certain situations younger. It is almost never too early to examine a child.

It gives us the option to begin some intervention treatment or place the patient on observation and review their growth and development on a regular basis.

Everything revolves around you. Your comfort, needs, and smile dreams are the top priority. When you’re here, you’re a member of our smile family.

We believe we’re here to serve and support you on your orthodontic journey, and are honored to be your partner along the way.

You will get beautiful results!

Find out how we can improve your smile with orthodontics. Contact our offices or call the Aurora office at 330-954-1000, Cuyahoga Falls Office at 330-633-6420, or Westlake office at 440-777-5757.

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Insurance and Financing

Our office accepts reimbursement from most insurance plans. We also provide convenient strategies for you to make payments throughout the duration of your treatment.

This allows you (and your family) to achieve a beautiful, straight smile at an affordable monthly rate.