Patient Testimonials

At Cleveland Smile Center, we strive to provide a pain-free visit not matter what service you come to get. Watch our Patient Smile Videos to see how delighted our patients are after their treatment!


All-On-4 Full Arch Dental Implants

Jessica visited us looking for a permanent solution that would restore her chewing ability and allow her to smile confidently.  After discussing her previous frustrations with old and failing dental work, she chose to get upper All-On-4 Full Arch Dental implants!

“They have been very patient with me explaining everything and have just help give me my confidence back.”

See more of Jessica’s smile transformation!


All-On-4 Full Arch Dental Implants

 Tom talks about the full arch implant solution, known as All-on-4 Dental Implants, and how the Cleveland Smile Center team made the process painless and easy.

“It’s fantastic. If you are going to come, come here.”



Snap-On Implant Dentures

Not only was Susie unhappy with the look of her teeth, she was in a lot of pain and really needed a solution to make her feel healthier.

“The process went really well and everything was done in a timely fashion.”

See more of Susie’s smile transformation!


Porcelain Veneers

Chris came to Cleveland Smile Center to get Porcelain Veneers. He had waited a long, long time to go through the process and it was much easier than he expected to get this great smile.

“They came out fantastic… He did an amazing job.”

See more of Chris’ smile transformation!


Traditional Metal Braces

Look at Cece’s smile transformation from braces! After her braces were removed, she had straighter teeth and loves her pretty smile.

“It was great because now my smile looks pretty.”

See more of Cece’s smile transformation!


Flexible Partial and Loving It

David came to us wanting to restore his smile and find an affordable solution for tooth replacement. We were able to fit him with a flexible partial denture. Now he smiles with comfort and confidence!

“In 57 years of going to the dentist throughout my life, this is the best, most positive experience I have ever had.”


Crowns to improve her dental health 

After a lifetime of dental issues, Linda came to Cleveland Smile Center and worked with Dr. Sam to get new Dental Crowns and Implants.

“I’ve had tons of teeth problems my whole life, and he’s fixed all of them.”


Root Canal Treatment

Some people are afraid of Root Canal treatments, but we like to make it the easiest experience for our patients.

“No problems what so ever. It was easier than riding my bike coast to coast.”


Snap-On Implant Denture

Rob got his snap-on denture done by Dr. Sam. All of his teeth were removed, eight implants were placed, and he received his beautiful new smile all on the same day. Rob (and his wife) loved the results.

“Everything went perfectly. No issues. No problems.”

See more of Rob’s smile transformation.



After finishing her clear aligner treatment, Breanna talks about how she feels with the results of invisalign.​

“The process was extremely simple.”



Sean got implants and had upper and lower dentures done.  He had to have all his teeth extracted and implants done.​

“My biggest fear in doing this was pain. And, I felt nothing through this experience.”



Matt decided to work with Cleveland Smile Center to extract his teeth and get implant dentures. Learn more about Matt’s Journey.

“I feel awesome!”


Porcelain Veneers

Tyler got veneers to make his teeth look more uniform, whiter, and more aligned. Veneers helped improve the look of his top teeth and gave him a more self-confident smile that he loves to show off.

“Pain-free experience. 10 out of 10.”

See more of Tyler’s smile transformation!


Dental Implant and Crown

Sheila not only got a dental implant, but also had crown placed on the tooth behind it. Find out more about her experience with the Cleveland Smile Center team.

“It worked out beautifully. I couldn’t be happier.”


Getting Root Canal Treatment

Hear from Charles about the root canal treatment and how he feels about his experience at Cleveland Smile Center.​

” They did a great job.  Awesome staff as always!”


Periodontal Gum Treatment

Jean came in to get some periodontal treatment for her gums. Find out more about her experience with the Cleveland Smile Center Team.

“The experience was probably the best I’ve ever had in my 81 years of dental experiences.”


Dental Implant

Jim came to our office for a dental implant.  We worked with him to make it a pleasant experience and get him smiling again.

“I just had an implant and it is fantastic. Great work!”


A Long Overdue Cleaning

Thank you Lenny for sharing you experienced at the Cleveland Smile Center!

We are delighted to hear that you would come back to the office to keep up great dental care after taking 25 years off.

“Everybody does a great job. They take really good care of you.”


Botox for TMJ Treatment

Ashlyn just visited our offices to get a botox treatment for pain related to her TMJ condition. Thank you Ashlyn for sharing you experienced at the Cleveland Smile Center!

“Honestly, I never relief until I started getting botox with Dr. Glick.”


Gum Lift

Daeja visited our offices to get gum countouring or a gum lift done.  It give the teeth a longer appearance and created a better looking smile for  Daeja. Thank you for sharing you experienced with us!

“It didn’t take long to heel. I like it. I get compliments on it.”