All-on-4 Dental Implant (Full Arch) Treatment

Also known as Hybrid Implant Dentures, Cleveland Smile Center provides full arch (All-On-4) dental implant solutions to eliminate the many problems associated with a mouth full of missing, broken, or bad looking teeth.

For patients looking for a permanent, more comfortable solution to their dental issues, full-arch treatment will change your life.

Our full arch treatment is the closest thing there is to natural teeth replacement.

This full-arch reconstruction does not come in and out of your mouth, rather, it is permanently attached to your titanium dental implants. Eat all of your favorite foods, brush your new teeth normally, and smile with ease and confidence.

Options are available to do the top, bottom, or both arches of the mouth based on individual need. Throughout the process, patients receive temporary, comfortable tooth replacements to ensure that they never go without teeth.

All-on-4 Upper

Service Pricing

Service Pricing

All-On-4 Full Arch Implant Costs


(*Per Arch)

Specialized All-On-4 Full Arch Implant

From the actual surgical requirements to your individual smile design options, there are many factors that influence cost, such as:
  • How many missing or damaged teeth need to be replaced?
  • What your treatment goals and needs are?
  • Materials used in your dental restoration
  • Surgical requirements and the steps needed in your treatment

One Cost, No Surprise Fees

At your consultation, we’ll take a 3D CT scan and discuss your treatment goals and options. This approach allows us to develop a preliminary treatment plan for your specific needs and give you an exact, all-inclusive cost. There are no hidden costs, and no separate bills from different providers. The cost includes everything from start to finish to transform your smile, including:

  • A pre-procedure exam
  • Procedure to place the implants and temporary teeth
  • Creation of your custom prosthetic teeth
  • Post-procedure check-ups and fitting your custom teeth

Interested in finding out more about full arch (All-on-4) dental implants treatments near you?

Quoting costs without an in-person evaluation of all these factors could be misleading—and a disservice to patients. At Cleveland Smile Center, we want our patients to have an accurate price, so we offer a free, no obligation consultation with an implant dentist so we can create a detailed cost and plan.