Holistic Dentistry

Cleveland Smile Center offers a variety of holistic dentistry options, including Fluoride-free , composite fillings, safe mercury removal and nitrous-oxide gas.

​Our promise to you:

  • We will always consider your comfort first and foremost
  • We will discuss your unique situation specifically to determine the best treatment
  • We will provide the safest, least invasive care possible

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Types of Holistic Dentistry Offered

Fluoride-Free Options

Science and the public have long argued over the efficacy and safety of fluoride use. Fluoride is everywhere! In our toothpaste, mouthwash, even our public water supply. However, we realize not everyone wants to use it.

For people and families who seek to avoid using fluoride, we at Cleveland Smile Center can accommodate you.

Not only do we offer fluoride-free dentistry alternatives, we also educate patients on the efficacy and safety of fluoride use.

Fluoride Form

Composite BPA-Free Fillings

Cavities and small fractures leave many teeth with defects that progress over time if untreated.

In the past, metal restorations served a need but left many teeth discolored and strained from the wedging effect of the metal.

Today, tooth-colored composites blending into tooth structure provide an excellent option for restoring defects. Composites can often be placed in thinner layers than metal, preserving more of the natural tooth.

Composites serve both functional and aesthetic roles, often at the same time. For example, a cavity invading the front of a tooth along the gum line may be visible in your smile. By gently cleaning out the soft, discolored area the decay ceases to destroy healthy mineral surfaces.

And when a composite shade matching the tooth is sculpted into place, the tooth looks better than ever.

Composites contain a mix of liquid resin embedded with finely ground glass particles. After being molded against conditioned tooth structure, blue light applied directly to the composite leads to a firm set within seconds. Shaped and polished, a high shine reflecting the beauty of natural enamel results in an invisible restoration: strong, smooth, conservative.

Safe Mercury Filling Removal

If you have amalgam metal fillings, the Cleveland Smile Center team would like to invite you to visit our office for a mercury removal consultation to discuss safely removing your old filling(s).

You may not be aware that research shows that these metal fillings are actually not good for your teeth or the health of your whole body.

Every amalgam filling combines a large amount of mercury, which is highly toxic when it vaporizes. That makes mercury difficult to remove safely.

In our state-of-the-art offies including AuroraCuyahoga Falls, Bedford/Oakwood and Westlake offices, we’re dedicated to providing holistic dentistry that keeps your whole body health in mind as we create every treatment plan. We are one of the few dental offices in the area that offers safe amalgam filling removal.

Contact our team to schedule a consultation or call Cuyahoga Falls at 330-633-6420 or Aurora at 330-954-1000. We look forward to helping you improve your oral and overall health.