Intraoral Scanning Can Replace Dental Impressions

Intraoral Scanner

Advances in technology are constantly changing the way the world around us works. The same goes for the field of dentistry. Breakthroughs in dental technology have allowed us to become more efficient, improve communication with dental labs, and provide greater comfort to our patients while they are in our chair. At Cleveland Smile Center, we strive to stay as up to date as possible with our equipment, techniques, and treatments. One example of how we have been able to accomplish this is through the use of an intraoral scanner.

If you have ever had any of a wide variety of dental work such as , veneers or braces done in the past, you may recall the unpleasant taste and feeling of having dental impressions taken. Traditional dental impression material can trigger your gag reflex, make it feel hard to breathe, and feel uncomfortable to remove once the material has set. Using our intraoral scanner, we have been able to eliminate this step in almost all cases.

The scanner works by using a handheld β€œwand” connected to our computer scanning software, which will combine hundreds of images of your teeth taken by the wand to create a 3D digital impression.

This impression is instantly available for us to inspect on our computer, and for you to see your teeth in ways you never have before. The scan is digitally sent to the dental laboratory and allows us to have fast, direct communication with the lab to ensure you get the best result possible. Our scanner can be used for a wide range of procedures, including crowns, nightguards, complete and partial dentures, orthodontics, or even as a way for us to provide you with a visual aid to help explain why we recommend certain treatments.

The use of an intraoral scanner is just one of the many ways we are incorporating modern dental technology in to our every day practice at Cleveland Smile Center. To see all the ways our field is changing and how we are adapting our practice to ensure maximum patient comfort, come on in and see us!

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