All-On-4 Dental Implants. New Teeth In Just One Day!

There are people all around the world whose smiles need complete rehabilitation. It’s very common and often no fault of their own. A broken-down mouthful of teeth can be caused by genetics, poor childhood oral hygiene, an acidic diet, or soft tooth enamel. Unfortunately, these causes leave somebody with an unattractive smile and limited chewing ability that is often very painful.

In the past, such people may have been forced to remove all of their teeth and get basic traditional dentures or partials. Those dentures often looked okay, but did not restore their functional ability to chew.

Why? Because traditional dentures rest on the gums and cheeks. There is nothing to lock them down into place, making the traditional dentures rock and roll around while talking or chewing. Now we have full mouth dental implants to help us create a gorgeous arch of teeth with complete chewing ability. That means, achieving the smile of your dreams with 100% function.

At Cleveland Smile Center, we use All-On-4 Full Arch Dental Implants to change your life! This treatment serves to replace the entire arch of teeth (upper, lower or both) by fixing custom-made, porcelain teeth onto titanium dental implants. Don’t let the term “All-On-4” confuse you. We often use 5 or 6 implants, depending on varying factors in a given patient’s anatomy including their size, jaw strength, and bone density. Additional implants serve to increase stability and ensure life-long results. These teeth can be removed by an implant dentist if or when it is needed. It is not something that can be removed by the patient. The final result is highly aesthetic, functional and comfortable.

Jessica All-On-4 Dental Implants Transformation

We start this full mouth dental implant treatment with a consultation in which a 3D (Cone Beam) X-Ray is taken of the head, neck, and mouth. Our expert doctors then do an exam with the patient spending time to thoroughly explain the process and timeline of treatment. A financial coordinator will then meet to answer any questions about cost and financing.

The most frequently asked question we hear is “how long will I have to go without teeth?” This always makes us grin and say, “You won’t!”

On the same day that the teeth are removed, we deliver the first set of brand-new gorgeous teeth. This first temporary set of teeth will allow the dental implants to heal comfortably. After healing is complete, we fix the final set of teeth onto the dental implants. This final appointment is usually an emotional one that results in hugs, tears, and smiles from both the patient and our Cleveland Smile Team. After all, this is the smile of your dreams!

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